The Top Inventory Management Software Merchants of 2017

Inventory management solutions come in a variety of packages of varying scales, sizes and functionalities. This can make the acquisition of one a daunting task. Although Inventory Management software takes many forms, all of them serve a common central purpose of inventory optimization. However, the benefit of using Inventory management Software is an efficient process of stocking the best selling items, in correct numbers, at the right location within a given supply network.

To ensure the optimization is really felt inventory software can be divided into three categories.

  • Retail and Small and Medium enterprises (SME)
  • Warehouse/Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Enterprise and Resource Planning (ERP)

A look at each of the top inventory management software in each category shows what makes it a winner in its category.

Retail and Small, Medium enterprises (SME)

1. Bright Pearl

This Inventory management software is the best in it’s class. Multi-channel retailers use the application to boost their growth and profits. Bright Pearl allows retailers actionable insights to bring core processes under control and focus on merchandising and expanding their business.

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2. Features

  • Built in accounting and reporting tools
  • Integrated with leading shipping carriers
  • Smooth Integration with leading business apps such as Shopify, ekmpowershop, Magento, ebay and Amazon

3. Verdict

Bright Pearl gives retailers the channels, insights, and valuable tools needed to grow sales and profits.

Warehouse/Supply Chain Management (SCM)

1. TradeGecko

TradeGecko is Inventory Management Software tops this category. For multi channel as well as multi regional wholesalers and distributors, this system offers an elegant interface and cloud based automated delivery of asset management services

2. Features

  • Manage sales and supply chains
  • Manages inventory and customer relationship (CRM)
  • Compatible with widely used e-commerce and accounting systems
  • Compatible with shopify POS in physical stores
  • Vendor offers Mobile app for Android and iOS devices

3. Verdict

TradeGecko acts as an end to end or order to payment system for sales and order management that the manager can use to process orders, send quotes and fulfill them after payment.

Enterprise and Resource Planning (ERP)

1. FinancialForce ERP

This software is one of a kind addressing because it attends to unique business needs. For example, companies migrating from CRM to ERP tool usually face confusion but this application makes the transition smooth. FinancialForce ERP links product, partners and customers in a single solution, providing users with a good overview of the whole customer journey.

2. Features

  • Built on Salesforce platform that eliminates boundaries between business units
  • Users who subscribe to both FinancialForce ERP and SalesForce CRM can benefit from cross-departmental collaboration, workflow, analytics and reporting capabilities

3. Verdict

FinacialForce is considered Top of the class in Enterprise and Resource Planning


Though there are many more inventory management softwares to choose from. The above are rated top of their respective categories. This guideline is beneficial in choosing which platform will best suit your enterprise.


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